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July 06, 2022, 03:18:15 PM
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Author Topic: CFL CBA 2010  (Read 10884 times)


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CFL CBA 2010
« on: May 27, 2010, 10:14:43 PM »
It was announced yesterday that after months of negotiations The CFL and The CFLPA have tenatively reached a deal on a new CBA to replace the old one which is set to expire at the end of May. The deal will not be officially voted on till July 1st so both sides are keeping mum of the major points of the agreement but the three major topics that were debated upon were a new drug testing policy, the daily work hours and as usual the quantity of Canadian starters.

The fact that it took this long to instate a drug testing policy in The CFL in this day and age where the public and sports culture is well aware of drugs in sports is a little ridiculous. However as league when you have to deal with propping up a team or two to prevent them from folding drug testing unfortunately falls by the wayside. It seems though that the time is now and good for both sides working together to make this happen. As a general rule I think that somehow football gets a free pass from the fans and media about PED's where baseball doesn't and I think it has to do with the aggresion and big bodies that are required to play the game this is not an excuse merely and observation. That being said sports in general is under scrutiny to clean up their players and I think this is a good first step in the right direction.

To the daily work hours/practice time that the league requires it's players to be accountable to the current agreement is that players are required to report to their teams for a total of 4 1/2 hours a day. Upon hearing the number I was a little shocked at how little time in a day they actually spend at their respective facilities, but after being able to take in some of The Eskimo training camp and a couple of practice days last season I realized that this is infact about the time they have in a day. Which when you think about it is quite amazing that the product is as good as it is since they manage to fit in meetings, video review and practice all in a relatively small 4 1/2 hour window. What the league and it's franchises are asking for now is to up it 6 hours. Which I'm guessing would make having the second job that many of our CFL players have increasingly difficult to commit to. There's no information yet as to which way the negotiation went but here's the way I see it. I think that the increased time commitment is a good thing more time spent as a team whether it be on field practice, flim study or even just team building will help evolve the product on the field down the line. However having an eye on what's best for the players as well the only way that they should be allowing this to happen is that the bottom line in dollars and cents needs to be beefed up. I'm sure players like Ricky Ray and Anthony Callvilo don't have second jobs cause their hundred thousand dollars salaries don't require them to. It's the guys at the bottom, the rookies making $30, 000 and the low end starters making $60, 000 that need a boost. If you're going to ask players to give more of their day and lets be honest we have to call it what it is more of their wage earning day then you have to be giving something back. So let's go CFL, let's go franchises do the right thing and back up the truck. The increases don't have to enormous but they do have to be significant enough to make these football postions self-sustaining financially for the players. With revenues, gates and TV numbers all growing the time is ripe to make this happen.

As for the Canadian content this one is a little more dicey. To be honest I don't ever want to be part of the conversation that reduces the Canadian quotient but I'm guessing that for the coaches and GM's around The CFL this a very difficult piece of the roster to navigate. I suppose if it's a matter of making the product on the field better it should be considered. However I also feel that is a slippery slope because if the decision is all based on the on-field product then where does it stop? At what point do you just throw your hands up and just blow the ratio right out of the leauge and I truly feel that would be a tragedy. Especially in a time where I feel that grass roots football is growing which can be evidenced by the improved talent of The CIS and the interest level of college football in Canada. I think in another 10 years we'll begin to see a large windfall of Canadian born players at any position perhaps excluding QB.

Until we get to see what the details of the agreement are I'm obviously speculatiing on all these points so I guess the most important fact to focus on is that there will infact not be a work stoppage in The CFL this year and that is always a positive. Cheers to both sides getting this done cause to be honest I'm dying for some gridiron action.  |  TOTAL-CFL Discussion  |  Total Talk! (Moderator: GreatWhiteNorth)  |  Topic: CFL CBA 2010

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