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Betting on Football. CFL, NFL and AFL!

I like to have a few bets on CFL, NFL and AFL Australian Football League. Betting is fun and all OK to do as long as you do it for some fun and bet what you can afford to lose.

The reason I like to bet on CFL, NFL and AFL Australian Football League is because I love these three sports and I follow them extensively.

CFL is fun to bet on seeing I follow it closely. I like to bet the points spread or a straight up win. Sometimes I bet the Under/Over but I find that a bit more difficult as CFL games can often be high scoring but maybe not. When betting the Under/Over I tend to look at the teams Offences and how they are playing at that time of the year and then compare their Offences to the teams Defence that they are playing. I also like to bet CFL futures at the start of the season. I had success in placing a bet on the BC Lions at the start of the 2011 season and then they won the CFL Grey Cup that year. Betting on the BC Lions to win the West also made me some money in 2011 as I was confident at the start of the year that they would be the best CFL team in the West Division. 

NFL is my favourite sport in regards to betting on football  as also follow it extensively and there are many more games each weekend to bet on than the CFL. I tend to bet on the point spread on three or four of the games each weekend. I do this as often three or four games really stick out to me as good bets. You have to be careful though betting on the NFL as often the games are closer than one might think especially when compared to the CFL. The Denver Broncos have won me many bets this year. They are my favourite CFL team and many weeks they have covered the spread. I have also bet several times on the Broncos for the win but the payout is only minimal but it’s still worth to bet on the win if you are every confident that team will win.

AFL Australian Football League is the number one sporting league in Australia and is known as Australian Rules Football. Seeing I am living in Canada I can’t follow this great game as closely as I would like. I often call me dad to get his picks. I then ask dad how much he thinks the team will win by and then I compare that to the point spread. Then when I go on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency talking sports on Friday nights I give these AFL picks along with CFL and NFL. Gabriel Morency loves sports betting so he has done quite well on my dad’s AFL picks. Gabriel often stays up till 4am Friday nights/Saturday mornings and bets on the AFL. He likes betting on the AFL points totals. He had great success with the West Coast Eagles in 2011 when they had a great winning run the 6 weeks before the AFL finals. 

Hope you can join me many Friday nights on Sports Rage when I talk sports and life craziness in a comedy and hardcore style with Gabriel Morency the host." Myk Aussie

NFL Football Picks! NFL Betting!

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