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Why the CFL and NFL Merging Would be Good for the Sport

Football throughout North and South America isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. Regarding divisions, spectators are spoiled for choice with both the Canadian Football League and National Football League consistently delivering action-packed entertainment. Despite their attraction among viewers, the two high-level leagues have yet to merge. Should they come together, then it will unquestionably help to further the status of football throughout the entirety of America. So, let’s consider why a merger would be a positive step forward. 

Increased Competition Would be an Undeniable Positive 

Perhaps what makes the decision to thus far not intertwine the CFL and NFL intriguing relates to the American Football League and NFL’s merger back in June 1966. The decision enabled both top-level leagues to compete on the sport’s most famous stage. Four years after the merger, the AFL ceased to exist in what became a significant turning point in football’s history. Although it took four years for the two to unite regarding scheduling, the earliest Super Bowls after the merger indicated that the entrainment value wasn’t going to deteriorate.
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According to a report by History, although NFL (formerly NCL) teams convincingly won the opening two Super Bowls, the New York Jets overcame the odds in 1968 to defeat the Baltimore Colts, now the Indianapolis Colts, who are currently 25/1 with NFL odds on bet365 to win Super Bowl LV, as of November 4th. If anything, this cross-league competitiveness indicates that, should the CFL one day merge with the NFL, it would retain its excitement. In turn, this could have a knock-on effect on the quality of players in the Canadian League. As per Bleacher Report, one of the existing drawbacks of the CFL concerns its inability to attract high-level players, but that could change in the event of a merger.   

Bringing Together Two Passionate Audiences 

If the merger of 1966 successfully brought together numerous audience bases, then it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the same outcome wouldn't repeat itself. Figures from Statista state that throughout the 2019 NFL season, 16.67 million fans attended live NFL matches. By comparison, viewership figures also indicate that interest in the CFL is also on the rise. As per the Toronto Sun, the CFL’s viewership for the 2020 draft was up 116 percent from 2019. 
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While there can be no doubts that the NFL is the more popular league out of the two, that's what creates a level of excitement around the prospect of a merger. Numerous sports around the world, such as soccer, have structures in place that place teams of various abilities against each other. The concept isn’t to emphasise sporting superiority, but instead to allow viewers to support their sides against new opponents on unfamiliar stages.   

What Is There to Lose? 

Of course, there’s no guarantee that merging the CFL and NFL would be successful, but there’s a lot to gain should it prove fruitful. Even though there are currently no indications that combining both divisions is on the card, it’s certainly something worth considering. Mixing two well-known organisations and their respective followings would create the ultimate football league, thus consistently producing high-level entertainment.













































































































































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