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new image Total CFLNov 18, 2017. "I'm talking 2017 CFL Playoffs Western and Eastern Finals with host Gabriel Morency. Vid starts at that point" Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLAug 5, 2017. "I'm talking CFL and CFL Fantasy week 7 on the Morency Unfiltered TV show on Fantasy Sports Network, CDN and USA TV. At 9 min mark." Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLJune 30, 2017. "I'm talking CFL and CFL Fantasy week 2 on the Morency Unfiltered TV show on Fantasy Sports Network, CDN and USA TV. Morency talks CFL week 2 at the start of the show then I talk AFL Rd15 at 4min mark then CFL at 18min 15sec mark." Myk Aussie

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Aug 19, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL on the Morency Unfiltered TV show. At 9 min mark." Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLJuly 8, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL and CFL Fantasy on the Morency Unfiltered TV show. At 9 min mark." Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLJuly 1, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL & CFL Fantasy on Morency's Game Time Decisions TV show." Myk Aussie 

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new image Total CFLJune 25, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL Rd 1, CFL Fantasy on Morency Unfiltered. CFL talk starts at 10min 30sec mark." Myk Aussie 

new image Total CFLJune 16 2016. "Chris Williams one of the star REDBLACKS players! Photo by @Romanovichphoto for, Sept 26 2015 vs Argos." Myk Aussie

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July 2015. " has again been granted sideline photograph media for REDBLACKS home games. From 2014, 1st home game pics vs Argos Click here 2nd home game vs Riders Click here 3rd home game vs Eskimos Click here Fri Aug 29th game in Montreal Click here Sep 5th game vs BC Lions Click here Oct 3rd game vs Blue Bombers Click here Oct 24th game vs Al's Click here" Myk Aussie

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05, 09, 10 Snow Bowl TV
Snow Bowl webWORLD

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Pt 1 09 Snow Bowl highlights. 3 Pt 40 min's of TV Click here

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  new image Total CFLJuly 3 2013. "Listen now! It was fun talking lots of CFL with CandidFrankLive on Rouge Radio! Details " Myk Aussie

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Brian 'Eskinator' Edwards

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Welcome to! 2017 CFL Grey Cup is not far away, Nov 26 2017 in Ottawa! I regularly update News! I added many 2017 Eskimos game day fan pics to my twitter @MykAussie Watch online "Football Fan Frenzy" our comedy movie. Includes lots of CFL and Grey Cup comedy. Click here for the 2 min trailer, reviews and details! The 100th CFL Grey Cup Festival in Toronto was brilliant! For my seven part comedy based TotalCFL TV shows from the 100th Grey Cup TotalCFL TV! For many comedy based TotalCFL TV shows refer to the menu above or on YouTube type in "Myk CFL" and "Myk Grey Cup". For CFL and more sports and life craziness news I hope you can follow me at! Recent CFL stories on News have been: "BC Lions news!", "Al's news direct from Al's media!", "Eskimo news, game day fan pics! SOE TotalCFL TV!, "1999 Grey Cup was the last time it was Stamps vs Tiger-Cats in a Grey Cup! 1999 Grey Cup Comedy TotalCFL TV shows!", "My fan pics from the Esks vs Riders playoff game! Cool tweets with CFL players!, " sideline professoinal pictures from REDBLACKS games!", New in 2016! CFL Fantasy and Draft Kings! The Fantasy Sports Network!", "Future CFL stars! 2014 CFL combine video page!","Tiger-Cats last Grey Cup win, 1999! Watch now! In locker rooms with players, more!", "Aussie Josh Bartel again in 2017 a Rider! Regular Josh updates since April 2012!", "The Cookie Gilchrist Story! New video! Our interview from 2004!", "Watch now! I film as Paul Stamp Champ fan crashes the Argos Victory Parade brilliantly! Very funny!", "Was a great Grey Cup Festival! Argos Tues Victory Parade details!I'm there! My 3 Part TotalCFL TV show from the Parade!","Watch now! It's a Miracle, TheGreyCup is Alive, it talks to me! My 1 on 1 interview with TheGreyCup!", "2008 Grey Cup relevance in "Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me. A amazing TV special by Michael Landsberg", "Gabriel Morency interviews CFL and NFL Legend Warren Moon! Warren on Super Bowl TotalCFL TV!", I talk some CFL when I can on Morency's TV shows Game Time Decisions and Morency Unfiltered on The Fantasy Sports Network cable TV Ch when I'm on those shows talking AFL picks, best bets etc. For the shows from 2016 and 2017 Click here Especially for new CFL fans check out the Total-CFL News!” Myk Aussie

Myk's Total-CFL webTV
Myk Aussie's CFL Web TV"
I have massive amounts of CFL TV from the past 12+ years of web Sports casting this great game. All CFL teams are up and lots more. Lots of great 1 on 1 CFL Star player interviews along with comedy style fan and Cwoc Cool Women Of Canada CFL cheerleader interviews. Opinion from 1,000's of CDN, USA and Aussie's is that we have produced a very funny movie/documentary which includes footage from several CFL Grey Cups. The 12th edit is now available for select viewing on DVD. Some of the movie highlights are now on Total-CFLwebTV or on My aim is simple, to promote the CFL to the World. Are you in the movie? Please read the Disclaimer link to the left if you think you might be in it. I would like to hear from you. Enjoy! CHECK IT OUT" Myk Aussie

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BC Lions fans at More CFL/Sports Discussions at
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Total CFL TV includes, CFL Grey Cup TV 1999 to present, BC Lions videos, Calgary Stampeders videos, Edmonton Eskimos videos, Saskatchewan Roughriders videos, Montreal Alouettes videos, Hamilton Tiger-Cats videos, Toronto Argonuts videos, Winnipeg Blue Bombers videos, For CFL videos

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New July, 2010.
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Information on the Canadian Football League!
The Canadian Football League was founded in 1958 and is now the most popular sports league in Canada after the National Hockey League. The regular season is 19 weeks long and culminates with the awarding of the Grey Cup.

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Some past top stories and replies on the Discussion;"REDBLACKS training camp professional pictures from Roman!" " sideline professoinal pictures from REDBLACKS vs Riders game! My fan pic's!", " sideline professoinal pictures from REDBLACKS vs Argos game! My fan pic's!" "A great win by REDBLACKS over Blue Bombers! Sideline pic's!", "101st Grey Cup in Regina TotalCFL TV! More Riders TotalCFL TV!", "Peter King in Canada! His CFL reports!", "From from the boss! Players vs owners sage is over! Tweets and reports" "Ooch! BC Lions Champ Geroy Simon traded to Riders!", "RIP Brent Shule" Go Riders, "Al's new coach is Dan Hawkins!","Alouettes sign former Super Bowl Champ Dominic Rhodes! From Al's media!", "The Grey Cup Festival will again be in Vancouver in 2014!","It's Toronto Argos vs Calgary Stamps in the 100th Grey Cup! My thoughts! Reports from Toronto!", "Aussie Josh Bartel Tiger-Cat punter a East All-Star!Rookie nomination! News since April 2012 about Josh in the CFL!","The Grey Cup train tour across Canada! Pic's from Ottawa! My 1 on 1 interview with TheGreyCup!", "Jonny Cornish pasty" apologizes for mooning Rider crowd! He tells me no more mooning!","Alouettes sign Arland Bruce III, Quinton Porter and Byron Parker! From Al's media.", "Al's 2012 coach Marc Trestman is the NFL Bears new coach! A report from Al's media!","Chance to carry the Grey Cup trophy to the 100th Grey Cup game!" from Mark Cohon", "Globe and Mail site. Submit Grey Cup Fan photos!", "Brent Shule AKA "Blue Fan" has passed away." Eskinator, "Anthony Calvillo signs a 2 year deal. From Al's media! Anthony on TotalCFL TV!","The long journey of Jerome Messam" Dave Cambell! 05 Global Jnr's MYKwebTV!" "Buono can't yet see a future without Geroy!", "CFL Free agents! Ed Hervey GM at Eskimos! Ed on TotalCFL TV!",
"Alouettes Whitaker done for year! They thus sign a pair of running backs!", "Elimimian is back at BC Lions after trying out in the NFL!","Former BC Lions Cameron Wake: NFL Miami Dolphins Moving him to Defensive-Line!" By Criag Ballard, "Jyles vs. Joseph vs. Nichols" TheGreyCupTDChicken,"BC Lions receive their Grey Cup rings!", "Grey Cup TotalCFL TV shows we are promoting!", "For Argos fans! Argos Admirals application! Interesting volunteer web work!", "Philip Blake from Toronto drafted by NFL Broncos","The reasons why Jamall Lee retired! Report from!", "Michael Schaper wins the Wally Buono Award!" "RIP! CFL fans mourn the loss of Cal Murphy!""Congrats to the Lions!" Saskfan in Winnipeg, "Grey Cup pic's, comments","Talking Grey Cup on Sports Rage, Thurs night", "Talking Grey Cup on Sports Rage, the day after", "A new Grey Cup trivia game", "Grey Cup, Vanier Cup & Canadian Bowl recaps on Rouge Radio","Anthony Calvillo becomes all-time leading passer in Pro Football. TotalCFL TV!", "Watch now! I'm talking CFL Stamps vs Eskimos on Game Time Decisions Sports TV show!", "BC Lions are 0-5! Lions fans are you really worried? 2011 Grey Cup in Van?", "Wow! BC Lions acquire Arland Bruce!", "CFL blogging contest, $2,000", "Pt 2 Road to the Show. TV!", "Gabriel Morency talking excellent CFL on Sports Rage! Watch now!", "Al's Anwar Stewart to be honored for his work within the community! A CFL HOFer?","A Aussie CFL cheerleader! Seriously!","Jock Climie previews the CFL season, CIS and CJFL news" RougeRadio, "Kicked to the Curb!" TheGreyCupTDChicken, "New Roof/Stadium In Regina Now In Serious Doubt." Saskfan in Winnipeg, "RIP Ricky Bell." Arthur74,  "Jim Barker named coach of the year!", "New 3rd Down video update (Ritchie's recovery)" Argonut, "Riders Sign Gauthier" Saskfan in Winnipeg, "Free Agent Wishlist." Great White North, "Romby Bryant signing... c'mon man!" Great White North, "What's Bauman worth?" Great White North, "Welcome Back Richie!" Saskfan in Winnipeg, "Well deserved retirement for Ben Cahoon! One of the best?", "Effects of NFL labour situation on CFL player migration?" Great White North, "New Ottawa team expansion draft plan approved. Start digging please!", "Fri Jan 7, Talking CFL Grey Cups on Sports Rage with Champ Gabriel Morency!", "The Alouettes mourn the loss of Tony Proudfoot! Report direct from Al's media." "Anthony Calvillo: new medical update direct from the Alouettes" "2010 Snow Bowl, West defeated East", "Jean-Louis is the 2010 Wally Buono Award winner!", "Ritch's "3rd Down" attacker was sentenced to 6 years." Hambone, "Linda's play is featured in an article on" Eskinator,"Wow! Edmonton newspaper re "10 reasons Stamps suck" "True-42 and myself on Double E TV." Eskinator, "100th GC in TO?" LRF. "Pleased to announce." Eskinator, "Glenn Fumbled?" Saskfan in Winnipeg, "Wakefield = Red Is the Colour?" Hambone, "Happy Fathers Day To My Dad #21"TheGreyCupTDChicken,"Hey Jim! The CFL rule book is now online." "Mish Mash Between The Hash Marks - I" TheGreyCupTDChicken, "Eskimo Press Conference." Esk Reporter, "CFL season is here." OV Bandit, "2010 CFL Preview - East Division." TheGreyCupTDChicken,
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new image Total CFLTwitter is hot right now for CFL news! You can follow me @MykAussie

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new image Total CFLAbove. New 2 min trailer from "Football Fan Frenzy" a comedy movie/doc! 60+% of the 90 mins is from Grey Cups and CFL games! Watch the movie online! Details & reviews " Myk

new image Total CFLArgos Roten to NFL Jags
Cameron Wake 2016 in NFL

CFL Fantasy Draft Kings

Eric Rogers to NFL

CFL Eskimos Redskins
CFL Standout Bears
2015 All-Star team report
Esks 2015 Grey Cup Champs
2015 Grey Cup report re NFL

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Sept 2012. "I'm 1 on 1 with TheGreyCup! It is Alive! Luv it!" Myk Aussie

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"05 Grey Cup TotalCFL TV including the real Pamela Anderson!" Myk Aussie

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"With Bomber stars!"MykAussie

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"I'm 1 on 1 with CFL Legend Dave Dickenson in 08" Myk

"I'm "1 on 1 in 08 with CFL Stampeder Legend Sugarfoot Anderson." Myk

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Nov 12, 09 "Above, Pt 1 of 3. 09 CFL Grey Cup Preview TV show or Click here" Myk

"I'm 1 on 1 with Hoof a Legend TotalCFLer" Myk

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"RB Chevon Walker was a star for the REDBLACKS in 2014, REDBLACKs 1st season. Photo by @Romanovichphoto for at 1st REDBLACKS home game and win." Myk

Wow! Click here for 3/4 screen in High Definition!

"09 TotalCFL TV from the All-Star Kicking and Punting Camp." Myk

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