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"Welcome to TotalCFL News! I have lots of TotalCFL TV! Refer below for extensive computer version of the site! Enjoy!"@MykAussie

new image Total CFLJuly 13, 2019. "I'm talking CFL, Grey Cup in my new Intl Sports Comedy podcast!" @MykAussie

new image Total CFL"Left: Oct 12, 2019. Lots of CFL and Grey Cup talk on The Kym Harrison show - Intl Sports, Sports Comedy. Includes Kym 1 on 1 with @Mike_Ticats the co host of the @PodskeeWeeWee podcast. Middle: June 21, 2019. Talking BC Lions vs Eskimos on New York TV, @sportsgrid, @FNTSYRadio etc. Right: 1 on 1 with Warren Moon at the 2004 Houston Super Bowl Patriots Media day." @MykAussie

new image Total CFL"Left: 1 on 1 with The Grey Cup. For great CFL fans I've met at Grey Cups since 1999. Click here Middle: 2 min trailer to Football Fan Frenzy. Watch FREE this CFL, NFL, AFL comedy movie I have produced Click here Right: Pt 1 highlights of the 2009 Snow Bowl played on Grey Cup Sunday in Calgary. For Part 2 highlights Click here" @MykAussie


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new image Total CFL
Nov 27, 2018. "I'm talking CFL Grey Cup 2018 with Gabe Morency on Fantasy Sports Network, USA and Canada TV!" Myk

new image Total CFLOct 9, 2018. "TD Chicken at 2002 Grey Cup! Highlighting the great CFL fans I've met at Grey Cups since 1999! For pic's and links to the TotalCFL TV shows of these fans. Click here" Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLNov 21, 2018. "I'm talking CFL Grey Cup 2018 with Gabe Morency on Fantasy Sports Network, USA and Canada TV!" Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLJuly 20, 2018. "From Thurs July 19. A "Sports Rage Cribs" type segment as I show my CFL, NFL, AFL and other Aussie gear in my bedroom!" Myk

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"Pt 1 09 Snow Bowl highlights. Pt 2 Click here " Myk

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new image Total CFLJune 2, 2018. "From Fri June 1. I'm talking CFL, AFL, NFL, NBA, NHL etc with Champ host Gabriel Morency on his Sports Rage show now on the SBR Ch! Main CFL talk is at 3hr 14min 40sec mark!" Myk
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new image Total CFLMay 26, 2018. "From Fri May 25. I'm talking CFL season starting, Eskimos, Als etc with Champ host Gabriel Morency on his Sports Rage show now on the SBR Ch!" Myk

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"Talking CFL, Grey Cups, CIS, Snow Bowl etc on The Team 1260, Edmonton radio with @JasonGregor. Click here" Myk

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"Welcome to! News is updated regularly! I am 99% positive in regards to everything to do with the CFL so if you want negative CFL news, videos, pictures etc go somewhere else! Grey Cup 2018 Festival in Edmonton was fantastic! Congratulations to the Calgary Stampeders on winning the 106th Grey Cup! It's now going to be a very interesting CFL off season!" @MykAussie

Myk's Total-CFL webTV
Myk Aussie's CFL Web TV"
I often talk CFL when I'm on Gabriel Morency's Sports Rage shows on Fantasy Sports Network TV channel on USA and Canadian TV or the SBR Ch! Refer to the Left for two shows where I talked CFL in 2018. For the shows from 2016 and 2017 when I was on Game Time Decisions and Morency Unfiltered on The Fantasy Sports Network USA and Canadian TV when I'm on talking AFL picks, best bets etc I talked CFL as well. Click here I have massive amounts of TotalCFL TV from the past 18+ years of web Sports casting this great game and talking CFL on Canadian and USA TV, radio, web. All CFL teams are up and lots more. Lots of great one on one CFL Star player interviews along with comedy style fan and Cwoc Cool Women Of Canada CFL cheerleader interviews. Opinion from 1,000's of Canadian, USA and Aussie's is that we have produced a very funny movie/documentary called Football Fan Frenzy which includes footage from several CFL Grey Cups and CFL games. The 14 and probably final edit is now available for viewing online. Note, for legal reasons I have never sold the DVD or charged to view the movie/doc online or made any revenue at all, yet! In 2015 after attending the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto I signed a distribution deal with a Toronto based film company but more help was needed at the time to finish it legally. Please contact me if you have any concerns on this or if you are intertested in helping me in making the movie/doc legal to sell. Lots of the TotalCFL TV shows are also on and here TotalCFL TV My aim is to promote the CFL and the great fans to the World! For the 2 min trailer, details to watch FREE online and reviews. I hope you get lots of laughs! I know I did filming and interviewing the funny CFLer mates!" Myk Aussie

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The Canadian Football League was founded in 1958 and is now the most popular sports league in Canada after the National Hockey League. The regular season is 19 weeks long and culminates with the awarding of the Grey Cup.

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In 2014 and 2015. " was granted sideline photograph media for REDBLACKS home games. From 2014, 1st home game pics vs Argos Click here 2nd home game vs Riders Click here 3rd home game vs Eskimos Click here Fri Aug 29th game in Montreal Click here Sep 5th game vs BC Lions Click here Oct 3rd game vs Blue Bombers Click here Oct 24th game vs Al's Click here" Myk Aussie

Left: RB Chevon Walker was a star for the REDBLACKS in 2014, REDBLACKs 1st season. Photo by @Romanovichphoto for at 1st REDBLACKS home game and win. Right: Chris Williams one of the star REDBLACKS players! Photo by @Romanovichphoto for, Sept 26 2015 vs Argos." Myk Aussie

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new image Total CFLI often post CFL news, Esks fan pics, vids etc on twitter@MykAussie

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new image Total CFLAbove. New 2 min trailer from "Football Fan Frenzy" a comedy movie/doc! 60+% of the 90 mins is from Grey Cups and CFL games! Watch online, details & reviews " Myk

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"This was fun! 1 on 1 with the Legend Warren Moon at Super Bowl Media Day in 2004!
" Myk

new image Total CFL
Argos Roten to NFL Jags

Cameron Wake 2016 in NFL
CFL Fantasy Draft Kings

Eric Rogers to NFL

CFL Eskimos Redskins
CFL Standout Bears
2015 All-Star team report
Esks 2015 Grey Cup Champs
2015 Grey Cup report re NFL

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Sept 2012. "I'm 1 on 1 with TheGreyCup! It is Alive! Luv it!" Myk Aussie

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"05 Grey Cup TotalCFL TV including the real Pamela Anderson!" Myk Aussie

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"With Bomber stars!"Myk Aussie

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"I'm 1 on 1 with CFL Legend Dave Dickenson in 08" Myk

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Nov 12, 09 "Above, Pt 1 of 3. 09 CFL Grey Cup Preview TV show or Click here" Myk

"I do CFL picks, CFL weekly picks, CFL picks against the spread, CFL picks this week, CFL Fantasy!" @MykAussie




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